Surfing is a sport of riding on a wave while you’re on a special board. The waves that are suitable for surfing are usually found in ocean, rivers, or lakes in the form of tidal bore or standing wave. This article explores on various issues that you should know concerning surfing.

Surfing Etiquette

Surfing is a fairly free sport and mostly used as a recreational event. Nonetheless, if surfers are not careful or don’t observe rules when surfing, they can end up causing total chaos. Try to keep yourself out of trouble by observing both the written and unwritten rules. Thus, there are various rules and regulations based on common sense that people should consider them so as to make the playing field secure. They include:

i) Observe the Right of Way

Just like in our roads, a motorist can have a right of way depending on certain rules of driving. In surfing, the right of way on the wave is an issue that should be considered keenly. Who has the right of way on a wave?

  • Furthest out – If surfer has been waiting for long or is furthest out then he has the right of way
  • Furthest inside – The closest rider to the climax of the breaking wave
  • First to Feet – The first on the wave or the first to feet
  • Communication – The call of right or left if the wave is dual-peaking

ii) Don’t Snake

If a surfer is already riding a wave, don’t attempt to paddle around them. Repeatedly paddling around a person to get into the inside position on a wave is wrong. How would it be if everyone did this?

iii) Don’t drop in

Cutting in front of other riders who are riding is a swift way of involving yourself in trouble with the locals. Always observe the right of way and you will be fine to go.

iv) Don’t dominate the waves

Share the waves around and don’t try to hog the waves. Even if you can surf furthest outside and have the right of way, don’t do it. Having this kind of behavior will make people annoying and they can start dropping in at each chance. Again, this will descend into chaos.

v) Do Apologize

If you breach any of the etiquette, rules, drop on someone, or run over someone, just apologize. It is good manners to apologize and it goes a long way to solving numerous challenges that may result to disagreements.

vi) Respect the Locals and other surfers

It is essential to note that the locals will surf the spot daily. Always ensure that you give respect and behave well and you’ll earn the respect. Respect other people and any of their belonging including gears. The respect should stretch not only in water but in the car park and shore

vii) Train on the Right Way to Paddling Out

Learning the right of way to paddling out entailing not paddling into the path of other riders or throwing your board.

viii) Pick Spots that Suit your Capability

Strive to select a spot that is on your range of capability so as not to upset the other surfers by being a probable hazard for people or end up upsetting the other riders.

ix) Aid other Surfers

Always assist another surfer who is in trouble. Surfing can be a dangerous event and sometimes fatal and it is necessary to be each other’s keeper.

x) Respect the Beach

The only thing you should leave behind is the footprints. Kindly, don’t make graffiti, litter, vandalize, or affect the beach or its environs.

xi) Have Fun

After observing all the etiquette, have fun!

Avoiding Injury while Surfing

Essential tips to follow before hitting the waves:

  • Take a friend – ensure that you’re not alone when you go to the beach. It is better to surf
  • Follow Restrictions and Etiquette – Check for any restrictions on the beach and ensure you do some follow up.
  • Beginners – If you’re a learner, stick to beach breaks with a sandy beach. Also, wear a leg rope that you can tie to your surfboard.
  • Use the right gear – Ensure you buy the best gears such as best paddle boards. Also, ensure that you wax up the board or have some type of grip and ensure your leg rope is in superior condition
  • Warm up – Make sure that you warm up before you enter the water
  • Observe the area before you start paddling – If you’re new to the place, it is essential that you go on in to see the best place to paddle out. Observe other people to check how they’re getting out in the surf.
  • Costume – Wear what makes you comfy as everyone has diverse lenience for cold water. It is recommended that you wear sunscreen all day.