Possibly, inflatable paddle board is one of the greatest innovations in the surfing world. The traditional SUP boards were heavy and could only be transported using a surfboard car rack. However, the best inflatable SUPs are lightweight making them easy to transport. They’re cheaper, durable, easier to transport, take up less storage room, and perhaps even more fun to use.

The inflatable SUP can easily fit in a backpack and you only need a portable pump to fill it and get to ride. The best thing about this paddle boards is that they’ll serve you for a long time as they are well-constructed with hardened rubber material and heavy-duty PVC. Also, they have multiple layers of polymer and urethane that makes them strong and durable.

As watersport enthusiasts, we’ve done an in-depth research to formulate a review of the 10 best inflatable paddle boards on the market that will offer value for your money.

10 Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

1. Best All Round Paddle Board: iROCKER Cruiser Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

iROCKER all round tops the list in our review as the best all round paddle board on the market. This amazing all round paddle board is perfect for numerous activities. It can be used for fishing or doing yoga on water, riding with kids or your pup, racing and windsurfing, and all other water events.

The paddle board can carry a weight limit of up to 400 lbs and a width of 33”. Therefore, it can float your entire family or hold a plethora of gear for camping or fishing. The best inflatable sup has a broad bungee structure for gear and for the nervous riders; you got some where to hold onto.  Also, it has various D-rings for attaching a kayak seat or even more gear.

The best inflatable paddle board brand is exceptionally stable and is made of superior modifiable fiberglass paddle that makes you enjoy your paddle session. It is a lightweight and easily portable paddle board.

What make this iROCKER SUP Stand Out?

  • Versatile (All-round)
  • Extremely stable
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and portable

2. Best beginners paddle board: SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

The SereneLife is an Inflatable SUP and perhaps the most top rated paddle board for beginners. The paddle board measures 30 inches wide and 10’5 feet long. The extra wide feature makes it highly stabilizing and easy to balance by a beginner.

The good beginner SUP has a soft, stable, and anti-slide top deck. The anti-slip top deck is perfect for beginners as it lessens your fall when you slide of an accident occur. It is easy and quick to assemble and air up. It has a maximum weight capacity of 275 lbs.

It has triple bottom panel fins that make it easy to maneuver through the waves and cool water. Steering and handling of this good beginner paddle board. The paddle makes you to maneuver through the water like a sea creature.

The best stand up paddle board for beginners is portable. It is a great gear for those who have a flair for adventure. It comes with a coiled ankle cuff protection leash, manual air pump, upgraded aluminum paddle, and a storage bag.

What make this SereneLife SUP Stand Out?

  • Easy to use
  • Stability
  • Anti-slide top deck
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Portability

3. Best Fishing Paddle Board: Sea Eagle SUP Review

If you’re shopping for a fantastic heavy-duty SUP for fishing, then you need to seriously consider purchasing this Sea Eagle Fishing SUP. It is perfectly made with tons of feature that makes fishing expeditions fun.

The Sea Eagle SUP is easy to set up the stand up paddle board for fishing and the inflation and assembly. The inflation pressure for the board is about 12-51 psi and it takes about 7 minutes to pump up. Deflating the board is also easy and it will take about 12 min to let the air out of the board and put in the bag. The paddle board fishing comes with a bag, a pump, and a removable motor mount.

The inflatable fishing pale board is ideal for people who are tired of shore fishing and want to experience the fun of fishing while in the water. The fishing sup comes with a seat for you to relax like a boss. Then, there is a paddle pocket where you keep the paddle secure while you start fishing. For stability, the fishing paddle board is 40” wide making it super firm for standing, cast or reel in a fighting fish.

For safety, the best stand up paddle board for fishing a non-slid EVA foam footpad to prevent you from slipping while standing and offers additional shield against punctures and slashes from hooks, fish, and fishing gadgets. It has a maximum capacity of 500 lbs or a 2 people. For stability, the fishing paddle board is 40” wide making it super firm for standing, cast or reel in a fighting fish.

What make this Sea Eagle SUP Stand Out?

  • Paddle pocket
  • Non-slip Eva foam footpad
  • 40” wide for firmness
  • Removable motor mount
  • Easy to use

4. Best Stand Up Paddle Boards for Big Guys: Atoll 11′ Foot Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Without any jot of doubt, Atoll inflatable paddle board is the best overall brand on the market for big guys. This ultimate all around stand up paddleboard is designed for both performance and stability. Atoll best surf sup for big guys has supported ISUP riders over 300 lbs in water.

I have done tons of research on numerous other brands and I have used most of this paddle boards to surf, but none beat the experience of riding on this Atoll SUP. Personally, I have used this paddle board on lakes, rivers, oceans, and ponds and achieved a smooth ride. Also, you can perform various activities with this paddle board such as yoga, fishing, and travelling.

The stand up paddle boards for 300 lbs has a sturdy but ultra light construction. It is made using dual layer PVC with is stronger than the military grade PVC. Thus, the durable board has the firmness of hardboard but with all the advantages of an inflatable paddle board.

This Atoll paddle board is easy to set-up this paddle board. Also, it comes with an efficient high pressure 3rd generation dual action hand pump. Therefore, you’ll achieve up to 15psi within a short time.

Additionally, it comes with a backpack, leash, detachable fin, and novel silky 3 piece lightweight fiberglass carbon hybrid paddle with nylon blade. There is EVA foam on top of this best paddle board for big guys to prevent you from slipping and loosing you their balance.

What make this Atoll SUP Stand Out?

  • Sturdy construction
  • Ultra-light and portable
  • Enhance stability and speed
  • Perfect backpack
  • Spacious
  • All around paddle board

5. Best SUP Yoga: ISLE 10′ Lotus Yoga Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Isle paddle board is the best inflatable paddle board for yoga. Specifically, this sup yoga board inflatable is created with all essential features that make it reliable in the water. The deck surface is sufficient or large enough to do your downward dog and plank comfortably.

There is no doubt that SUP yoga is becoming popular as many yoga lovers take their practice outdoor. The best thing about doing your practice in this inflatable yoga paddle board is that you will be required to work more on your balance.

As stated, the isle yoga paddle board is packed with tons of features to make yoga fun. The cheap inflatable paddle board has an expandable deck cushion that provides enough space to comfortably perform your fitness practice. As you practice, the yoga has a bungee system that holds any stuff you want to bring on the water with you.

The yoga SUP is lightweight and once you deflate it, you can easily store it in your car or house. It is durable as the board is constructed using military grade PVC. Thus, dropping or throwing it won’t damage the yoga stand up paddle board. The board is pet-friendly and you can use it for recreational when you’re not practicing yoga. The package includes a backpack, paddle, and a high pressure pump.

What make this ISLE SUP Stand Out?

  • Stability and Comfy
  • Stretchy deck pad
  • Sturdy construction
  • Pet-friendly

6. Best Inflatable Paddle Board for Dogs: Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

Sometimes you would like to go sup with your dog. This dog paddle board offers generous space and plenty of room for one rider and a dog or two people. It is wide and thick and you don’t need to worry about your dogs nail penetrating its construction.

Roc paddle board is stable in water and this makes a big difference when you’re surfing. The three fins in this paddle SUP that will keep you comfortable to stay standing even when on high waves. It is easy lightweight, easy to transport in the backpack, and easy to inflate the paddle board with the pump without any help.

The dog stand up paddle board comes with a backpack, leash, pump, paddle, and a waterproof cell. It is made for all skill level from a beginner to an expert. It has a sturdy construction of superior military grade material making it a durable paddle board to SUP with your pup. It can carry a maximum weight limit of about 275 lbs.

What make this Roc SUP Stand Out?

  • Ease of use
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Higher weight capability
  • Spacious and stable
  • Extra wide design

7. Cheapest inflatable paddle board: Smibie Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

After some comprehensive research on cheap inflatable sup, I found this incredible inflatable paddle board under $100. Envisage yourself owning affordable inflatable paddle boards that can help you get all the enjoyment and escapade of being in the water.

This gadget has everything that an expensive paddle got to make your surfing experience better. The inexpensive inflatable paddle board is quick to inflate and deflate for ease of storage. It weighs about 10 kg and comes with a backpack making it easy to carry. The inflatable SUP can support a maximum weight of 300 lbs.

The stability of the cheapest inflatable board is supreme and can be recommended for beginners to intermediate. Thus, it is easy to paddle through the lake without any problems. Also, this best inflatable sup for the money is made using a sturdy PVC construction making it durable. It is shock-resistant, safe and reliable to use this paddle board.

What make this Smibie SUP Stand Out?

  • Cheap
  • Stability
  • Easy to operate
  • Durable

How can you use your Inflatable Paddle Board?

There are numerous activities that you can do with an inflatable paddle board. Here are just some few activities that you can do with your inflatable SUP board.

  • Fitness (Yoga)
  • SUP fishing
  • Windsurfing
  • SUP racing
  • Surfing
  • Camping
  • Adventure travel
  • Hiking
  • Touring
  • River SUP/whitewater
  • Multi-paddler group fun
  • Paddling with your pet

How we evaluated the Top 10 Best Inflatable SUP

1. Stability

Surfing or any water sport requires safety especially for beginners and intermediate boarders. There is no need of having an easy to carry paddle board but is not stable while you’re in water. Therefore, stability was the number one factor while evaluating a top inflatable paddle board.

Logically, the bigger the board the more steady it is. Nonetheless, the principal thing that offers the board its stability is its thickness. The thicker it is, the more stable and rigid is the board. If you’re looking for a good board, ensure it is not less than 4 inches thick.

2. Paddling Performance

A paddling board needs to have an enhanced performance. Better quality inflatable boards will glide through the water and windy conditions easier than cheaper boards. However, they may not be able to cut through the water like a regular fiberglass board.

3. Ease of Transport

The main purpose of buying an inflatable paddle board is because it is easier to store and carry it. The paddle board may not have the capacity to cut through the water compared to those made of fiberglass board. Nonetheless, you can be able to transport the car without having to install a roof rack makes inflatable SUP desirable. Also, it is easy to store the paddle board anywhere even in a small space.

4. Ease or the Speed of Inflation

It is important to spend most of the time in the water and not assembling your gears. Normally, it should take you less than 5 minutes to inflate one. Nonetheless, this will depend on the size of the paddle board and how quick you can pump.

The inflation recommendation of most paddle boards is a PSI of 12 -15. One downside that we noticed with the boards is that the gauges sucked and were inaccurate. However, it is impossible to over-inflate them. So if you’re in doubt, you can continue pumping until it feels hard enough to hold you.

5. Value for the Money

The paddle boards that were tested were in the range of $350 – $800. The more expensive paddle boards are sturdily constructed with high quality materials and will normally come with a better quality pump, paddle, and other accessories.